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Friday, August 03, 2012

Seize it!

Well, it's not everyday that you get opportunities which maybe look like that they are golden ones. Seize them or let them go? You may say that you lack the resources needed or you may say that you don't have the energy. Either way you just passed it for non of the reasons above but because you lack trust and self believe.

We go around saying what if I did it, what if I took or what if I took the risk!! Well what ifs never take you anywhere but atleast in the future try seizing them. What well happen if you don't? Don't you want to think back and say I did it! Don't you want to sit around people and say I made it here? I bet you are searching for opportunities to make your self feel proud.. Believe in youre self and charge.

I try my best to seize whatever opportunities I get. But I did let go a lot of good ones. I do want to go back in time and take them but in the end I know that I can't and I should think ahead.

Word of advice, keep your eyes open and focus on what you believe is yours. Never feel down when life tries to knock you out and you should be fine.

Just another guy

I have so much going on at the moment that I can't think straight. People see fake smiles and normal conversations while deep inside it's just horror and nightmares, dark night with heavy blue rain. Yet am still smiling.

I remember the days when I was good at comforting people, make them feel good and try to make them believe that everything is alright, well I can't now. It's just too hard.

I keep on searching for that one bright light that will turn my life around and everytime I think I found it it's gone. Am a romantic guy by nature, I still believe in black and white love stories, I still believe that more than 80% of the world population are good while the remaining 20% had it bad and they are trying to change. I still want to believe that close people don't lie.

I have so much issues, but the most important one right now is trust issues, I tried my best to over come it but I couldn't, tried trusting people again but I couldn't. I feel everybody is lying about something, but the most troubling is when I feel that they are lying about how they feel.

I know life is not that complicated and we just make it the way it is, but what can I say, am tired and need the rest.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Welcome post

I have decided to return back to the blog world, after the whole smart phone revolution, apps like google blogger exists and makes it easier to blog any given time.

I'll try to change and I think I have matured enough and have a lot of things I can share with the world, some maybe unhelpful to others but hopefully amazing to others..

Anyways it's just the first post so let's see.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Final Post

This is my Final post on this blog, no more this album or that, no more sharing thoughts (As if i did) No more new era (Well, actually it didn’t start yet thou i feel it near), no more this no more that. What a mess always tend to get some action in your life or else you’d almost be dead.

Moving Souls, standing still bodies... isn’t it a wonderful concept and strange at the same time. Why am i writing this i have no Idea. What does it mean... no idea.

You know i keep on thinking of my ex every now and then, and the funny thing is i was looking for someone better but couldn’t (well, actually i did at work, Not close to her but somewhere there, Funny, smart, cute, always smiling and the best part the feminine side of her) but she lacks one thing which i could not put my hands on. anyways back to not thinking of anyone phase again ha ha its cool being free of relationship thoughts.

Voting.... i had a class on fundamentals of management, the class was all right and the lecturer was fine until she said the magic word "Aoting" (from years of experience in India and the language i understood what she meant) that was a shock to me, i was like WOW she just switched V to W i remembered the Jheeero no. (0=zero) where i shared a funny stupid smile in front of her face. (No Offence)

I Hate Waiting Or promised and then totally Ignored....
I Hate people who talk to me just to kill time>> Its irritating, i mean i might be doing something and you are wasting my time and above that im not your happy hour guy@?@

I hate My Blog, its too stupid isnt it. I mean what’s in it that makes anyone gives it a second visit.
I hate my computer chair, i cant damn relax when sitting on it.
I hate my TV the 21" damn people use 37" as a standard and im still using 21" how pathetic.
I hate Chinese phones
I hate Blackberry, What’s the big fuss of that ugly looking PDA or so called "Smart Phone" I mean i know they have that QWERTY thing on it but that isn’t enough to make a phone good.
I hate Oman Tv 2
I hate pretenders, lol they make me laugh thou every now and then but that doesn’t erase the fact that i hate them
I hate that i hate alot of things, its a bit disturbing when you meet someone who hates everything.
I hate My work. Who loves his is pathetic. And has nothing to do.
I hate One of work colleague, i mean i have never seen a spoiled person like "it"
I hate the fact that the weather is still hot, what happened.
I hate the fact that it’s my birthday within days.

I do hate quiet alot of stuff... you know life isn’t that great in my opinion, its just ppls talk. They say something’s in life never change "im just thinking who said that? and why?" might be because he got cheated more than a million time by the same girl"

i'm here writing my final words on this pathetic little miserable island of mine and sailing away to a more realistic place with actual people.

Omani football players OVER RATED.

I love taking snapshots with my new phone(showing off that i bought a new phone) i wont tell what is it thou... 3ain il 7asood feha 3oood...

i was listening to Qusai the Don legend or the Jeddha legend, he has song called the wedding and its quiet interesting, he raps both in Arabic and English and what was interesting is his choice of words and the use of only BEATS!! with no melody which made even more interesting because you just cant stop listening to it. ANYWHO i have decided to make an Arabic English Song which is not my still but to test and to get the Arabic speakers on my side. U KNOW HOW IT IS>

I love beats man, i think the only thing that makes me go on with im really down. The game and Joe came up with albums recently and they've out done them selves. i really like the albums they are new and its kinda changed in styles.

AH women cant leave with em and cant leave without em. (that’s how they say it RIGHT), i love being around women(call me what you went but i love it) Being always around them is more than fun to me although im a very very very very shy guy yet i love it very very very very much and i wont deny it.

There is this cute chick in the office which is nice and they might call her poison she has a dangerous smile... interesting ... Me.. Not knowing..

College, the first day made me think am i in the right place... damn all chicks college... IM LOVIN' IT... but when i went for the part time thingy i was like damn we are honies at????

Al Qurm, Too small and Over rated.

Mishkak... these people who sell Mishkak (Ghubra 9abon Bahr - Athaiba - Al Hail) they really make alot of money Mashallah, I mean you'd neever go there and be the only one who is taking some mishkake home or eating it. Its always packed. The problem... in Oman when people get more money they start losing customers because of bad service or because of bad qulity of serving those MASHAKEEEK... interesting thou...

Some of the places to visit when you have the time...... Hayyat...
Some Places to avoid going to0 because of crap crapy......... MQ n LULU
Some Places to find spoiled checks...... Kargeen (How the hell they spell This????!)
Some web sites to extremely waste your time FaceBook...

This week, Lost interest in work and life.
Last week, Was happy cause of EID..
Next Week, Im going for Chicks Shopping, I think Ama buy me a chick... Ain’t that somethin' Huh No offence...

it turns out that im writing what i want to write without holding it back, Isnt it the basics of Blogging... Ahhhh Crap its not... Its just saying nonsense crapy stuff to kill time.

I have been a bad boy when driving my 1.5ltr car... i did so many things that i think either ill be dead soon or i will spend some time in jail.... DRIVING CARELESSLY WILL RESULT ON KILLING YOU OTHERS>>> BE Careful... what a load of crap...

They say if you are too nice to women they will just brush you off... i swear its true.. i found out that you have to be so rude to the extend that they hate you....ahhhhh nah.. just joking.... They got to fell bad when they are leaving and they got say i hate you im leaving when they are there... HAHAHA Eat this!!!!

Naruto Shippuuden, I started watching back in India cause of my friend told me too, i fall in love with the series and with the whole idea of watching anime. they are cool.. Spoiler of the New 078-079 episode.... There is someone who was fighting and he is going to die And he is a Master who was teaching Nartuo and Sora... Guess who.... EVIL....

It's already time and i should leave the office but before that i will just say... I apologize to every one who wasted there time on this blog i know it was crap and stuff but hey thank you for spending that min's with us... your satisfaction guaranteed.. i don’t know why i had to say that//

The channel will go of soon thank you for watching, and ya'll have a blast. Peace.. I am Out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whats New Dude

The latest Gadget i got, Blackberry 8700 pretty slik invention. When i got it the first time it was only used as a simple send and receive calls or sms. But now its more then that its somehow my small little world wide web my small connection to the world. I simply adore it. but with a bad service provider this PDA could turn to hell..

Features Available The BlackBerry 8700g features complete functionality, including*:
Wireless email
Corporate data access 1
Powered by a powerful processor and 64 MB of memory, the BlackBerry® 8700g smartphone lets you view attachments and graphics, browse the web and run applications effortlessly
Access up to 10 supported business and/or personal email accounts — in one inbox
View popular file formats (i.e. Word, Excel, Acrobat)

I am starting all over again, for the past two years my plan is to in-roll back to college and here i am half way through to fulfill that long commitment. I am so excited, im like that kid who keeps on thinkin about his dads gift and cant wait till his birthday, im like that man who can't wait that 2 hours before he takes his women to their new place, i'm like that person who waited this long to get back on the right track (oh, thats me). Everything didnt work out as planned but somehow i managed a workaround which helped me out.

Destination, Middle East College of Information Technology.
Major/path, to be announced.

The thing is they have alot of majors that i want to take but my heart is set on one which i know i can perform good and i know can be better at and something that not far from my charcarstic nature.Actually happy and sad now that i think about it, im far away from alot of people that i care about due to work with college ahead i hope i dont lose them for ever. I hope ya'll understand that its not that i want to walk away but i got to care of somethings and will back once everything is set.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Let me first start by saying i'm sorry for leaving you hanging Bloggers. I've been busy with life and thought of leavin' the Internet world and go back to reality.

Now back to this group, I-15 I have tried searching for some info to provide here but i didnt find any. Anyways, what i have listened from them so far is above normal and they have shown alot of wonderful things in their music. The vocal wise is amazing, Soothin' and relaxin' vocals amazing in other words.

lyrics wise is good too, i mean some of the songs like "i'll make it better" is just wonderful, i know its a typical Love song by such groups but never the less its awsome. I loved how the singer/performer sang this song with his amazin' and soothin' vocal who transferred the lyrics from everyday routine to wonderful.

beat wise, Well so far every song i've heard from them was stunnin'. i mean the guy who is producin' these beats is good and if im not mistaken the beats are some how from the east coast P.diddy in particular, anyways if not then the guy is talented and has some awsome beats.
i loved the songs that i've heard so far and i think they are one of best up comin' R'n'B group around.

Some may say that i have exaggerated abit and if've turned them into Kings but listenin' to nowadays R'n'B and HipHop music makes me think that r'n'b and HipHop are not dead yet. (Thats another topic for me to talk about in the upcoming weeks.) for now enjoy this song by I15 Ft. Fabolous "My Bad" the link to the vid, check it out.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Play it cool

Let me share little somethin’ somethin’ . There are days when you get pissed off and really irritated plus frustrated and angry plus crazy (now that’s little extra for the psychiatrist) and why because of something that someone did or say. Anyways, I had one of those days on Friday. I was so angry and annoyed and i had this clipped unshaped pointed nail that I started cutting it while looking at this software I have (Fruity Loops) (which I don’t remember what was I looking at exactly or doing!!) and all through the software I was thinking of that thing, Anyways while I was thinking and cutting my nails I went too deep with the nail and didn’t feel anything until I looked at my fingers and saw blood and there, I just stood silent and then laughed (How sick is that!) I mean I was so angry that I hurt myself.

I had to calm myself down and play the psychiatrist role (which was fun by the way) and convince myself that there is nothing in this world that should upset me or get me down, and so I did.
The moral of this story…. Nothing. Felt like saying it.

Back to the stupid world of ME.

Music, I have been listening a lot to different genres this year. And I must say that I love my play list at the moment, got my Marvin Gaye album which I really like and at the moment listening to “Lets get it on” .

Life and jobs, Life is wonderful but Jobs man its annoying. I was searching for a job for a while and couldn’t find anything that’s good and interesting until recently. Lol I’ve applied to many places and got strange interviews where I know I did well and I scored but it seems that I didn’t know the right people to approve my skills (haha) its funny how companies operate these days.

I would like to ask everyone that reads this blog not to take it seriously lol for I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I would like to point out too, that there is nothing more important than family and friends. Good friendships can make you survive a lot of things.  Just one of those days when you really don’t know what to say.

Oh yeah. I had a wonderful Sunday.
Take Care And play it cool.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One good Week

Isn’t it a wonderful day? Sure it is. It’s been a magical week, wonderful weather back here in Oman (wrote this in the morning, it’s raining now), wonderful atmosphere, car horns, car gases and smoke and the best thing of it all, morning traffic; Isn’t it wonderful!!. I think you can go insane in Oman if you drive your car to work and back for 3yrs continuously … you will go straight crazy.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow, get up early morning, at 7.30 8 I should be in Al-qurum After that move to Ruwi and then come back to Where I live and maybe go back there again, Sick isn’t it. Well yes. I hate busy days where I have to get up early and drive across Muscat it sucks!!
Got a new job, All thanks to my Cousin and the good luck charm :D (Came right on time.), the interview went fine and it felt wonderful. Anyways will talk about my 1st day later.

Music, I am back Yo (Well I never left – “Music makes me lose control”) I was as usual trying to make something new that I never did before or failed at it. House music is energetic and full of life. Anyways I came up with this track and I called it “Rushing Love” or “Rushing Life” both works fine.
Anyways would like everyone who comes in check it out listen to it and give me a feedback.
Download Link: Rushing Life

Still Music, Listening at the moment to Michael Bubles albums and its awesome one of the best things i have so far alongside with Marvin Gaye and Donell Jones. I'm listening to his song "Home" And listening to James Morrison "Better Man"

Charm, i've tried looking for Des Moines But couldn't find that song, well its annoying really when you are looking for something and cant get it. I've got the Whole O.C soundtrack but couldn't get that song it wasn't there. Lol

That’s about it For today catch you again on Sunday.

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